Best Banjolele For 2020 – Banjo Ukuleles Buyer’s Guide

Best Banjolele For 2020 – Banjo Ukuleles Buyer’s Guide

This is a 23-inch concert Banjolele from Kmise. It’s a very affordable banjolele, making it a good choice for anyone who just wants to try out the hybrid instrument.

Kmise mainly uses Sapele in the construction of the instrument. The neck, sides, and back being made of the wood. Sapale is a lot cheaper than the usual maple used for the instrument.

However, they used rosewood for the fingerboard. This ensures both ease of play and durability. Additionally, they improved the fretboard’s durability by adding abrasion-proof copper frets.

The head is attached to the sapale resonator using twelve brackets, which hold it securely in place.

This banjolele is easy to tune and to keep in tune with the closed, geared tuning system. The chrome tuning pegs offer easy control for quick and simple tuning.

It comes supplied with a full kit and a set of high-quality premium Aquila strings from Italy.

All of these features and factors combine to deliver a lovely banjo-like sound with good volume. That makes the Kmise 4 String Banjo Ukulele a great sounding and playing banjolele for the low price that it is offered at.

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