Company Holiday 02.08 - 16.08

Dear customers!

We'd like to inform you that during the period between 02.08 - 16.08 our online store will be in a "vacation mode"

What is "Vacation Mode" ?

Vacation mode means, that during the designated period we'll still be accepting orders as usual, but they will not be processed before the end date of our holiday.

Our Customer Service team will still be here for you every day answering questions and working as expected.

NOTE: We encourage you to feel free placing your orders as usual, as we'll review them in the same order as they have been received (by date) once we're back in office. So if you're among the first ones to place your order, it will most likely be reviewed, processed and shipped out first!
You'll still be receiving an official confirmation email and invoice with an order number as always!

Thank you for being awesome, for your understanding and kind support that you've been giving us for all those years and helping us become who and where we are now!

Best Regards,
Your one and only
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