Shipping Policy

We ship all orders within 3 working days after payment clears – and we ship only via BG POST (Bulgarian posts). All orders ship as Priority mail (for packages up to 2 kg) or as Air Mail Parcel (for packages heavier than 2 kg). We consider Saturdays and Sundays as non-working days. Also, you should take in account time-difference for overseas orders.

Please, be advised that packages shipped internationally via BG Post are trackable online until they leave seller’s country. This process may take between 2-3 business days. After that point, usually movement won't show until the package arrives into destination country’s customs, and from that point, your shipment will be available for web-tracking thru buyer’s country national postal carrier's website (for orders shipped to the USA for example this would be USPS, for orders shipped to Australia - Australian posts, for orders shipped to Canada - Canadian posts etc.).

From the moment your shipment leaves seller’s country to the moment shipment arrives to buyer’s country customs - shipment won’t be available for web-tracking and no web-tracking logs will show in-between (exactly the same would be with all international orders shipped worldwide via USPS).

For international orders, it normally takes about 14-21 working days to arrive. However – sometimes delays are possible due to the postal system and we can’t be responsible for such delays as we ship promptly and provide correct and full tracking info. If for some reason your order delays more than normal – please, inform us and we'll promptly provide you with further information. We are a reputable power-seller with 18 years of background in the business.