Who has best prices on custom padded amp and other studio gear covers?

Who has best prices on custom padded amp and other studio gear covers?

A very common question "Who has best prices on custom padded amp and other studio gear covers and why?"

In this article we'll talk about the famous European brand "CUSTOM" that starts its journey in the old 2001 which is now a top leader of custom amplifier, keyboard and other digital studio gear covers.
With their ability to start distributing worldwide in early stage, Custom Amp Covers completely took over the world shortly after they lunched and is now daily recommended by millions of musicians all around the globe. 

But first who are Custom Amp Covers?

Custom Amp Covers  is an established and well known European producer and vendor of custom amp, cab, keyboard and other digital gear covers. Their products can be found in the world's largest music stores branded for companies that order in larger quantities.

If you don't yet own one or never got in touch with their products, you have probably already seen many around owned by other fellas musicians or in local music shops, without even knowing that they produce them. The level of customization they offer is beyond any other brand you have ever come across with and will totally blow you mind! They make covers for some of the most famous and sought-after boutique amp builders and custom shops.

They say: "The finest gear deserves the best care and protection."

Their covers are not just covers - they are simply piece of art! The design of the products is unique and can't be mistaken with similar products you've seen around. Once you see and touch a product made by Custom Amp Covers - you will recognize it to be different from the rest. The lining offered is a stunning looking crushed-velvet that their covers are famous for.
Customers say: "The quality is unmatched and prices unbeatable!"

Having a doubt about it?

They say: "Please do a search for a better quality/price covers and if you find any - we'd love to see it! You just won't find better covers because there is no better quality/price covers out there."

With a combination of top quality materials and assemblence with superb workmanship - come and the best results!

Now lets get into a little more details of the products and the models they offer covers for. 

It is obvious that their database contains thousands of models covers and bags!

Yes, you've read it right! - Bags! 
  1. By saying a "cover"- they mean a slip cover that does not fully enclose the device (bottom is open);
  2. By saying a "bag", "soft-bag" or "soft-case" - this is a whole new level... meaning a cover that fully encloses the device and in most cases comes with extra pouches and stripes!
But what happens if you don't find the model you need a cover for?!
Easy...they are called "CUSTOM" for a reason!

If they don't have it already in stock - they will send and request you to complete a scheme with the exact dimensions of your model. Once the dimensions are confirmed, leave the things in their hands and just watch!

The cover is made with a lightning fast speed. Usually they need a day or two to complete an order from scratch and get it shipped.

Not enough? ... hold on! That's not where the fun ends!

Custom Amp Covers offers you a great quality logo on demand, and on top of everything else, it is FREE OF CHARGE! - yes no extra charge to put your logo on your cover!

All you need to do is provide them with a picture of your logo or processed vector file (.CDR, .EPS, .AI).

A few example custom logos below:

Custom Amp Covers - logo on demand examples - high quality embroidery

Depending on the model of the requested cover and the shipping destination - they will give you our best price and find the cheapest and fastest way to ship it to you.

Custom Amp Covers designed some great features into their products such as  rear cuts for an easy cable access; zipper options and jack-cavity openings for the cab covers etc. They make covers not to cover, store and forget about your gear. They make covers that you are able to use while using your gear and make music!

4x12" Cab Cover with Zippers (Front Panel Roll Up)

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