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Flagship - Better Cables Silver Serpent AIR Coaxial Digital Audio Cable

Flagship - Better Cables Silver Serpent AIR Coaxial Digital Audio Cable

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Silver Serpent® AIR Digital S/PDIF Interconnect Cable Overview

If you are looking for state-of-the-art in digital audio performance, look no further than our Silver Serpent AIR Digital Coax (S/PDIF) cable. Based on our experience with our award-winning Silver Serpent Digital Coax, we are proud to announce our new flagship digital coax. This cable is capable of extremely high data rates and was designed for serial digital data transmission with minimal Structural Return Loss (SRL). Perfect for all digital audio, including streaming media players, DVD and Blu-ray to a Dolby Digital/DTS processor or outboard DACs.

Years in the making and our first upgraded RCA Interconnect design in over 10 years. The wait was worth it! TheSilver Serpent AIR Digital Coax (S/PDIF) cable builds on the success of our hugely popular and well-reviewed Silver Serpent and Blue Truth digital coax interconnects. The Silver Serpent AIR cables are a substantial step up in performance. It features a solid-core silver-coated copper conductor. We also upgraded our dielectric material from a great foam HDPE dielectric to a fantastic air tube core. Essentially the only thing in contact with the conductor is AIR-the best and most non-destructive dielectric material.

How does this change in construction affect the sound? You will get amazing clarity and detail. You will get an improved soundstage. The voices and instruments sound more realistic. There is no harshness in the sound and you will experience no listener fatigue. EVERYTHING IS BETTER!
Silver is the conductivity KING when It comes to audio cables. Gold is good, copper is great, but silver is the best! Silver Serpent AIR Digital Coax cable contains silver in the conductor. Silver, a precious metal, is the ONLY metal with a higher electrical conductivity than copper. Silver Serpent AIR Digital Coax cable uses 99.999% pure silver. The electrical conductivity of silver is 106% of that of annealed copper on the IACS scale. Even though the cost of silver is much greater than copper, its sonic benefits are immediately apparent. We also use ultra-pure copper in our Silver Serpent AIR Digital Coax cable. The addition of copper brings “warmth” to the audio sound-complementing the sonic detail from the silver. The Silver Serpent AIR Digital Coax cable strikes a unique balance between outstanding performance and cost.

Equipment and Use

  • DACs
  • Streaming Media Devices
  • Computers
  • Digital Recorders / DAC
  • DVD
  • Blu-ray
  • Home Theater
  • Home Studio

Silver Serpent AIR Digital Coax (S/PDIF) cable Technical Information

  • Solid-core silver-coated conductor.
  • Amazingly low 14.4 pF/ft capacitance.
  • Air tube dielectric insulation.
  • 95% braided shielding.
  • Available with 75-ohm RCAs or BNCs.
  • Highly flexible.
…a lot of very fine and grain-free frequency extension and insight, a fine midrange with good stereo separation, and a tidy, ordered yet still deep bass…They have some giant-killing properties
Alan Sircom (HiFi+ Magazine - Silver Serpent AIR Audio Interconnects review)

The hybrid construction gives all of the sonic benefits of silver (dynamic high frequencies) and all of the sonic benefits of copper (deep, tight bass response). The combination of silver, low-attenuation, and unbeatable quality air-tube insulation makes this a world-class digital audio cable.

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