Tenor Ukulele (26 Inch)
Tenor Ukulele (26 Inch)
Tenor Ukulele (26 Inch)
Tenor Ukulele (26 Inch)
Tenor Ukulele (26 Inch)
Tenor Ukulele (26 Inch)
Tenor Ukulele (26 Inch)
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Tenor Ukulele (26 Inch)

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The best way of solving the space issue!

Mini acoustic guitars are the best way to solve the problem of space associated with full-sized acoustic guitars. Sometimes, a full-size acoustic guitar can make someone (depending on the stature) look awkward under certain circumstances, especially while on the move. But with the advent of smaller size guitars, the issue with space and look has been adequately resolved.

Best options for beginners:
Before mini guitars became famous, it uses to be strictly for kids. But as more and more of the world renown manufacturers are rolling out different designs of mini guitars, they are no longer exclusively for the kids. Today most mini guitars now served as reliable options for beginners.

For people with smaller hands, the availability of mini guitars has greatly reduced the difficulties they would otherwise be had with the typical guitar type. Every newbie now has a better chance at success, having access to small to a small guitar that can give you the confidence that you need to become a player in the future.

Mini guitars have become popular because of the comfort and ease of play they offer. Even established musicians now prefer them due to their compact nature and more accessing room. A mini guitar is a perfect choice for a musician that is on the road or one that wants something more comfortable for the showpiece.

Product Specifications:
Body Material: Rosewood
Back/Side Material: Mahogany
Size: 26 Inch
Strings: 4

You didn't find the model you're looking for? Don't worry we'll make it for you! 

You can fully customize what you are ordering from us, so don't hesitate to ask - whatever you might have in mind. Share it with us and we'll be happy to help!

Want a cover with your own logo on it? Sure! 
For an extra $5.00 you can get your logo embroidered on the cover. Just send us the file in .PNG or .JPEG format to service@bestampcovers.com or use the form below to tell us more about your special request!

Here are a few examples of logos we've embroidered for our customers in the past so you can get a better idea what your logo would look like.

Custom Amp Covers Logo On Demand Examples