About Us


We're an established and well known European producer and vendor of custom amp, cab, keyboard and digital gear covers. Our products can be found in the world's largest music stores branded for companies that order from us in larger quantities.
You have probably already seen our products without even knowing that we produce them. We make covers for some of the most famous and sought-after boutique amp builders and custom shops. The finest gear deserves the best care and protection.
Our covers are not just covers - our covers are simply piece of art! The design of our products is unique and can't be mistaken for similar products you've seen around. Once you see and touch a product we've made - you will recognize it to be different from the rest. The lining we offer is a stunning looking crushed-velvet that our covers are famous for.
Our quality is unmatched and our price is unbeatable (this is what our customers think and say about us).

Having a doubt about it? Please do a search for a better quality/price covers and if you find any - we'd love to see it! You just won't find better covers because there is no better quality/price covers out there.
We use top quality materials and assemble them with superb workmanship! This is why our covers are the best! We don't make just covers - we make art and we make it because WE CAN!