Custom padded cover for LESLIE 770
Custom padded cover for LESLIE 770
Custom padded cover for LESLIE 770
Custom padded cover for LESLIE 770
Custom padded cover for LESLIE 770
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Custom padded cover for LESLIE 770

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All covers are hand-made with a great care and precision!

Please, read in full before you order!

If you already own some of our covers, you're probably familiar with the quality of the products we make and offer for sell.
The cover from this listing is made with a different exterior fabric, that you usually see on our products.

To avoid an excessive weight and to be able to easily store this big cover when not in use - we made it with a very light in weight but extremely durable 160D fabric (that is about three times stronger than the "regular fabric" we use on the other covers we produce). The fabric used is 160D (Denier). It is water-proof and polyurethane coated.

Features and specifications:
- Heavy-duty nylon exterior protects your amp against spills and dust (won't protect against heavy impacts!);
- Padded 10mm layer for impact protection;
- Super-smooth lining;
- Heavy-duty seam binding with a 30mm seat-belting line that makes the cover very durable and attractive;
- 20mm nylon binding for the interior seam;
- 4mm nylon cord-piping around the corners to keep the shape of the cover;
- This cover comes plain (with no embroidering on the outside)

NOTE: The HAMMOND cover (shown on the demo picture) is not included!

You didn't find the model you're looking for? Don't worry we'll make it for you! 

You can fully customize what you are ordering from us, so don't hesitate to ask - whatever you might have in mind. Share it with us and we'll be happy to help!

Want a cover with your own logo on it? Sure, and its free of charge! Just forward it in .PNG or .JPEG format to or use the form below to tell us more about your special request!

Here are a few examples of logos we've embroidered for our customers in the past so you can get a better idea what your logo would look like.

Custom Amp Covers Logo On Demand Examples